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Twit du Jour

Hotel rooms are always a subject of much comment from pro bike racers. Jens Voigt famously told us that he always checks the television first. If the teevee works, it's going to be a good night. Sometimes, it's shabby chic, others, it's summer camp spartan.

Here, a rather disgruntled Andreas Klöden of RadioShack shows us his bed for the night:

Can you believe it?? This is now our hotel bed! As you can see, we are not football players. about 3 hours ago

Being of the relatively tall persuasion, Klöden will be quite a tight fit in that particular set-up. Also, who gets to the top bunk? With a climbing stage tomorrow, the bottom is probably the preferred option. A rider has to save his legs and all. Maybe an arm wrestling match? Apparently, the room also lacks air conditioning. Comfy.