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New Feature! Introducing On the Drops

Gav's note: We are super excited to welcome the On the Drops/Horizon Fitness women's team to the Cafe. In the coming months, the team will bring us periodic updates about their adventures, including stories from the team management about the challenges of setting up a women's team and updates from the riders about their races. We'll also catch up with Horizon Fitness to learn why they decided to sponsor a cycling team. And a live chat or two? Sure, why not? This is your chance to learn what goes on inside a women's cycling team.

Here is the first episode of the On the Drops show. This time, we learn who the team is. We also get lots of new Twitter links. I always like a few Twitter links on a Friday. Okay, I'm going to stop now, and hand you off to Stuart.

‘On The Drops’ with The Horizon Fitness Racing Team

The Horizon Fitness Racing Team are a British women’s cycling team running as part of the ‘On The Drops’ project, which represents our philosophy on women’s racing, the team and the development of both of these areas. On the Drops

One of our principles is to be as open and inclusive as possible, if nothing else because we love a right good chat and where better than the internet’s best café? We’re going to be popping by the Podium Café on a regular basis for a latte and shed some light to what goes on in a women’s cycling team.

How rude of me, I forgot to make some introductions. I’m Stuart MacLean, you’ll not hear too much from me as I’m the newest member of the team, but I’m here to help if you need anything. ‘On The Drops’ are led by Stefan Wyman and Gayle Howells. Stef has been a DS for over 6 years and has had Olympic and World Champions under his charge. Gayle has a long history in cycling as a Public Relations specialist.

Below the fold, meet the riders!


The Horizon Fitness Racing Team are made up with some of the most exciting talent in women’s cycling. With over 12 wins and a further 8 podium finishes the season can already be seen as a success. The girls can all introduce themselves when they come to the café but here are the girls you’ll be meeting over the coming months:

Dani King
Sarah Storey
Penny Rowson
Alex Greenfield
Annie Simpson
Hannah Rich
Ella Sadler Andrews
Brit Jochems
Gabby Day
Helen Wyman

So whether it is a general ‘what’s going on?’, sharing the challenges of being a DS, discussing why we ride Bike Pure or investigating the effects a ‘Haribo diet’ has on a hyperactive 19 year old, we’ll hopefully leave you with a more of a clearer picture of the women’s cycling world.

You can catch our daily blog updates at our online home

We’re also @onthedrops and on Facebook.

We’ll answer some questions sent in to with every visit to the café as well as trying to join in with any of the usual banter.

Talk soon,
On The Drops