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GP de Plouay Women's World Cup ...... LIVE

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We don't often get live women's racing but today we should be able to see the finale of the World Cup (unless the evil georestrictors strike but it worked fine last year.)

The race is 114,6 Km (6 laps of the circuit) . Read Monty's preview for the full info. As for the overall WC Marianne Vos is firmly in the driver's seat but Emma Johansson can grab the title with a win if Vos finishes 5:th or worse. Also in with a chance if they win are Van Vleuten, Becker and Verbeke but then Vos needs to finish out of the top 10. (H/t Pigeons for the calculations)

Probable starting time for live video at 15:20 CEST (09:20 AM US EDT, 23:20 AUS EST)

Look for links at , France TV , cyclingfans, and BVLS.  

Official site  , Startlist,