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Tour Of Utah Stage 3: Chrono



The Tour Of Utah journeyed to the Miller Motor Sports Park in Tooele, this evening, for a nine mile Chrono.  Miller is the site of some of Utah's finest blacktop.  The course is mostly flat, with just enough undulation to make it an effort.  The day went to Taylor Phinney, one of the first dozen out the gate, in 16:46, two seconds faster than Levi Leipheimer, the last out as race leader..  Jeremy Vennel (Bissell Pro Cycling), Alex Dowsett (Trek/Livestrong) and Brent Bookwalter (BMC) rounded out the top five.  Leipheimer held on to the yellow tour leaders jersey while the top 15 looks like this:

1.   190   Levi LEIPHEIMER Mellow Johnny's MJS USA 6.57'24"     
2.   1   Francisco MANCEBO PEREZ Canyon Bicycles CAN ESP 6.59'01"   1'37"  
3.   173   Darren LILL V Australia VAU RSA 6.59'13"   1'49"  
4.   177   Philip ZAJICEK V Australia VAU USA 6.59'31"   2'07"  
5.   11   Ian BOSWELL BISSELL Pro Cycling Team BIS USA 6.59'53"   2'29"  
6.   21   Brent BOOKWALTER BMC Racing Team BMC USA 7.00'04"   2'40"  
7.   112   Cesar GRAJALES On The Rivet p/b Ion Sports Nutrition OTR COL 7.00'29"   3'05"  
8.   155   Tim ROE Trek-LIVESTRONG TLS AUS 7.00'41"   3'17"  
9.   136   Jonathan MCCARTY Team Rio Grande TRG USA 7.00'51"   3'27"  
10.   166   Rory SUTHERLAND UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis UHC AUS 7.00'58"   3'34"  
11.   184   Lachlan MORTON Team Holowesko Partners THP AUS 7.01'05"   3'41"  
12.   47   Tyler WREN Jamis/Sutter Home p/b Colavita JAM USA 7.01'09"   3'45"  
13.   162   Maxim JENKINS UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis UHC USA 7.01'31"   4'07"  
14.   170   Jai CRAWFORD V Australia VAU AUS 7.01'37"   4'13"  
15.   95   Burke SWINDLEHURST KFAN Composite p/b teamgive KFA USA 7.02'00"   4'36"  


Full Results.

Growing Gallery.

Alex Dowsett (Trek/Livestrong) in UK U-23 ITT Champions colors

Levi Leipheimer (Mellow Johnnies)

Nineteen Year Old Ian Boswell (Bissell Pro Cycling)

Phil Zajicek (Fly V Australia)

Olympic Gold Medalist Billy Demong (Cole Sport Racing)