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Eneco Tour Stage 7 TT ..... LIVE


Vuelta-live_mediumGenk - Genk 16,9 Km Timetrial

Tony Martin may be a sky-high favorite to win today but with solid TTer Moerenhout just 11 seconds behind he can't afford an off day or a mishap. Perhaps more exciting is the fight for 3:rd though. Edvald Boasson Hagen is only 6 seconds ahead of Svein Tuft, who is on roaring good form. Another 3 seconds behind is Lars Boom and he might want a say as well.

Probable starting time for live video at 14:40 CEST (08:40 AM US EDT, 22:40 AUS EST)

Look for links at , steephillcyclingfansMyp2p, and BVLS.  

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