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Podium Cafe Kits, Round II!


Hey all -- If you ordered a kit in the last round, chances are it's on its way and will arrive at the end of this week (US) or next week for the one UK order. A couple of you have emails from me regarding some final details, just people who ordered by email, not on the storefront.

And We Have Extras!

I don't have the box in front of me, but I believe we have in our overstock and ready for shipping the following:

  • One or two jerseys in each size, both long sleeve ($88) and short sleeve ($73), with the exception of the L-XL-XXL sizes. There we may or may not have one left.
  • I also have arm warmers available for $33 a pair, universal sizing,
  • One or two pairs of bib shorts, XL only, for $98.

Email me at to inquire and I will confirm availability later this evening. Payment would be by paypal unless another arrangement is necessary. Shipping is roughly $5 for 1-2 items; $11 for multiples and international. Don't send me money until I confirm that I have what you want!  Go HERE for more details on the awesomeness of our PdC fashions, created by our own Veloki and currently being worn on at least 4 continents.