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VDS Vuelta a Espana Smack Thread and Update

Virtual-ds-2_mediumGetting toward Business Time with VDS this year and you know what that means- a quick update of course and folks here laying the smack with what their team has got in the last huge VDS point haul of the year. )Of course the two Worlds races and Lombardia will shake things up too...)

So where do we stand?

-tgartner is looking to run away with the title. It looks close; he only has a 155 point lead over-gosh! Who is that cutie in 2nd place! Could it be? It is! 


Tgartner lead is only 155 points at the moment but look at his Vuelta squad: J-Rod, Lulu, Nibali, Kolobnev, Van Garderen, Dumoulin, Valls, Caruso, Cardoso, and Pauriol.  That's one serious team and IMO he should pull away from his nearest competitors over the three weeks unless they get awfully lucky.

But you, dear soul? You got anything to brag about? Here are some startlists: CyclingfeverCycling startlists, and oh hey! bonus! We also got the Cat 6 Tour du Poitou-Charentes stage race staring today that you can embellish your smack talk with. Here's the Cycling startlist for that one-if you have Anthony Roux, you just picked up 25 points for winning the first stage there. Chapeau!

So who you got?