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US Worlds Team "Taking Shape"

Or so says Cycling Weekly, though as a British magazine I think in light of the Cav-Farrar matchup anything they say here reeks of treachery. Still, the scuttlebutt is that the US will construct around Farrar, but most of the big names won't be available (yes, Tyler remembered to mention Levi). Craig Lews, Tejay Van Garderen and Brent Bookwalter are in with Farrar, leaving five more spots. So much for actually taking shape.

In order to add some value besides pointing at someone else's work, here's what I'd do: add as many Gar-men as the US team can swallow. Zabriskie is a likely fit assuming he's interested in contesting the time trial. Christian VandeVelde says he's going to the Vuelta to help someone, so it's possible he might be interested in performing the same trick in Australia with an even bigger reward in the offing. And he could be the #2 for the time trial, though Bookwalter may have earned that slot. After that, it gets tricky: guys like Stetina, Cozza and Peterson come to mind, though the worlds road race is not kind to the untested. But hey, the only way to get tested is to show up and race. Cozza seems like a guy who's always useful, so I'll give him a vote.

Another strategy is loading up on BMC guys. [And by implication, I am indeed suggesting avoiding Cavendish's HTC teammates.] Jackson Stewart and Jeff Louder are both good guys for this race. Louder in particular is on good form, though we're five weeks out so stay tuned.