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Farewell, Cervelo! Tribute Thread

What's the Cafe Happy Hour section for if not to have a drink with your friends--and, today, commiserate about the loss of something great? The sun must be over the yardarm somewhere, so sit down, have a drink, and share your favorite memory of the dearly-departed Cervelo Test Team.

Me, I'm going to start with one of my favorite cycling memories from all of 2009: Heinrich Haussler's dramatic loss to Mark Cavendish in Milan-Sanremo. The last seconds of that race were heart-stopping, and since I'm a fan of both riders I got to share both Cav's joy and Barbie's bitter anguish. Cervelo had already made a mark in the peloton with a sprinkling of early-season wins and Thor Smash! Het Nieuwsblad, but their 2/3 of the podium (Hushovd took 3rd) in their very first monument showed they were a true force to be reckoned with...for years to come, we'd hoped.


(note: if one of the eds with access to Getty images wishes to replace this with a real pic from MSR, feel free--I just knew I had rights to this one!)