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Cervelo Sponsors Garmin for 2011

It's official, though I suppose the details are open to interpretation:

Team Garmin-Transitions today announced it will join forces with Cervelo for 2011. Additional details will be released as they become available.

Prior to this announcement Slipstream met with Felt Bicycles, who had the option to continue as the bike sponsor of Garmin-Transitions in 2011. After careful consideration Felt Bicycles chose not to exercise its option.

According to Slipstream Sports: "Felt has been an invaluable partner since the inception of our organization and is truly an exceptional company. Together we achieved quite a bit and we have a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude for the contributions and innovations they have made to our team, organization and to cycling as a whole."

According to Felt: "Our organizations met in good faith to discuss an extension.  After exploring all options, we decided for the good of all parties to move on. We have enjoyed great success over the course of our four-year relationship and we wish the team and its athletes continued success in the future. Felt remains committed to the sport of bicycle racing and the ideal that accompanies professional cycling.Rest assured we will continue to support elite teams and athletes in the future."

Mutual breakup? Are breakups ever truly mutual?