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Riis/Saxo Press Conference LIVE!

At 11am Copenhagen time this morning (some miserable dark hour in Seattle) Bjarne Riis will convene a press conference to announce the signing of Alberto Contador to a four year contract, worth $10 million, and the signing of between 4 and 6 top climbing lieutenants to shepherd Pistolero to victory in the next several Tours de France. Remember, I broke this story (if it winds up being true). Oh, and Riis Cycling will add a title sponsor for the next four year term as well. This is potentially big stuff, so use this thread for live chatter, while I and most of America are fast asleep.

It's possible you can find the live press conference here, although everything is in Danish so good luck. But TV2 said we could follow the presser live with them, and I believe everything I read on their site. Especially the part about Contador landing in Copenhagen, twenty minutes before he started a criterium in Belgium. Enjoy!

EDIT: Saxo Bank re-ups for another year. Contador-Riis alliance confirmed for two years. As we "reported" yesterday.