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Hey there happy Cafe people!

I just wanted to put up a quick shout out to see if anyone would like to help with some post-stage Vuelta stories. Maybe you've been sitting there thinking, man, I could totally write a better story than Gav did this morning. Well, here's your chance to totally write a better story than Gav did.Orange-bike_medium I can haz split infinitives! And you can too! You can volunteer for one stage, five stages, all the stages for now and forever. Pretty much whatever sounds fun and interesting. More writing, more better.

You can pretty much write whatever you want for these things. Well, okay, it should have something to do with the Vuelta, not what you ate for dinner last night. Mmm, linguine. Nom nom nom. I can only think of two requirements really. 1) The Vuelta a España and the name of the stage winner go in the headline. 2) The stage winner and the Red Jersey guy appear somewhere in the text. That's it! So easy.

If you'd like to do up a stage story, drop a comment here. Thanks!

Ps, Watch this space, we have a live chat announcement coming like really really soon. Yew!