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Stage Raceageddon, part deux! Poland: stage 5, Portugal, Denmark, & Burgos: stage 2...LIVE!

Most crucial stage today is Poland's where the GC hitters come out for the first of two days of play, hoping that no rift in the space-time continuum deposits the likes of Mosquera, Fuglsang, or Scarponi into their race. Riders in the other races of course are worried about Greipel or Farrar or Sagan messing with their fun. This could get interesting, if not totally confusing and we'll have the race tickers and vidy links to prove it.

BVLSCycling and also check the early comments for other links.


Also! In the comments when you are talking about a race, state the race you are talking about. Otherwise you'll mess up the dark matter in our Local Group.