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D, B, P & P: Denmark, Burgos, Portugal, and Poland...LIVE!

Wall-to-wall action today, but let's recap before we get totally confused:

- Denmark. That's the race where Topsport's Michael Van Stayen took a couple Jakob Fuglsang roundhouse punches yesterday to take command in round two. Round three today promises to be more of the same.

- Burgos saw that closing cat 3 climb separate Samu and Jiggy (sammy Sanchez and Jose Ivan Gutierrez) from the pack for a several second lead over a flotilla of riders.  Today's 21.3 km TTT on tap. The TT will set things up nicely for the climbing stage 5 finale on Sunday. 

- Portugal meanwhile saw Oleg Chuzhda of Caja Rural  escape for a 1:32 lead on GC over Candido Barbosa of Palmeiras Resort. Stage 2 today finishes with a big climb which is sure to shake and bak the field again. (Hey! Notice I got the stage number right um and the rest of ya?) 

- Finally Poland saw Dan Martin of shh-garmin TRANSITIONS (gotta give some respect to the second name of the team) take off on the final climb while his rivals wrung their hands in fear. He's got a 20 second lead over nine other guys heading into stage 6 and its razor sharp course profile including another uphill finish. With stage 7 being downhill to the end, today's stage will probably determine the final GC.  

As always check  Cycling for links to viddys and tickers but most of all check the early comments for links that work, course profiles, book discussions, Albertina's work schedules, gardening tips, and other tangental-yet-crucial race day discussions because watching a race with friends is the best thing on the planet.