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No Rainbow (Probably) For Boonen

Quick Step ace Tom Boonen is unlikely to be selected to represent Belgium at this year's World Championships in Melbourne, Australia, due to his recent knee surgery. National coach Carlo Bomans told Het Nieuwsblad that Boonen is not likely to resume racing until mid-September, and while he would not commit to excluding Boonen from the team, Bomans was quite skeptical that Boonen could make it back to any sort of form for the demanding 260km event. Boonen's doctor predicted that the 2005 World Champion could be racing in mid to late September, but probably not much sooner. And Bomans pointed out that he'd miss the Vuelta in any event, leaving Boonen with little chance to train at race pace. Personally I hope he comes back and does a few races just to clear out the rust, before shutting down and allowing his body to get fully right for next year. Barring a miraculous recovery, there's no point hurrying back to catch a few mediocre results. Next year's worlds will probably suit him OK too.