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Stage Raceageddon Sunday: Burgos, Danmark, Portugal, Colombia, and the Sparkys


The last front page stage raceageddon. We'll throw Portugal and Colombia to the fan posts after this. So what's on tap today?

- Burgos takes center stage today with a pre-Vuelta mountain stage that rivals anything that Suisse or Dauphine can serve up:


That finish there is the beyond category LaGunas de Neila and its gonna be fun. Notice the cat 3, two cat 3's ,and the cat 1 right in front of it, all in the last 55 km of the mountaintop finish. 


- Denmark is slightly less hilly today though with the Rascals prowling around, ready to strike at a moments notice it could get exciting too. But really Jakob Fooooooglesang has the GC sewn up.

- Portugal is finishing off its first week (they are dark Monday) with a mountaintop finish of their own, though I am not sure how mountain-y it is. See Cyclingfever's course profile and finishing last three km profile here.

- Colombia? How did the Tour of Colombia get into the Stage Raceageddon? By having video, silly. Check the links below.

- Finally, the Sparkys. Boys and girls. See Monty's preview, including course profile here.  The boys race is a cat 6 VDS gimme for Cav. The odds on team netAPP getting a VDS point? 3:1. Maybe there's video.

Okay, links: The new BVLS link. (Scroll down till you get to cycling.) My2p2from SPORT.  And WorldliveTV.  Plus the linky to the Vuelta a Colombia is here. No doubt the Lady of the Links will have links to the race tickers too. Check the early comments for more info.