The boy and his golden pedal. Or, Farrar Wins Today's Vuelta Stage

There was once a boy.. Who met a stranger. Boy he said.. I have a secret follow me. Hours and hours they walked through the desert. Halfway he asked.. "What is the purpose?" "Just wait my friend.. You are the chosen" Said the stranger. And hours and hours they walked. At the moment the sun hit the horizon the stranger froze. 

He took his carpet and prayed.. "Dear father. The man who can overtake everyone is here" And there it went. With type cracks, storm and wind there came a giant Sphynx out of the ground. "Go in my son. Don't take anything except the pedal in the middle of the 4th room" 

And in he went. The first room he entered was crowded with giant misses. Wherever he looked. All around him. But he continued and walked in Room number 2. Here he saw all giant bikes. No not Giant bikes.. He hesitated but continued. In to the 3th room.. He saw money. Wherever he looked., It was filled with money. He took a sit and waited. Should I take this.. or not.. He stood up.. and walked further.

In room 4. The boy saw cars. Giant cars.. Race cars. With turbo speed and horses on them. But in the middle.. The golden pedal. Before he would change his mind he sprinted to the pedal. A voice bellowed: " You are now the greatest sprinter in the world"

And there he was back again. In his hometown. On the Island of Manx. Mom he said. I'm going to be a sprinter. and back he was. And o what has he a joy with his golden pedal.  Tour after Tour he dominated. Every time he beated everyone. 

But he wanted more.. 28 August 2010 he went back to the stranger. " I want more" he said. And off they went. When they arrived the stranger got on his knees again and the Sphynx appeared again. Cavendish sprinted inside. Propsed a girl in room 1, took a giant bike in 2, Grabbed loots of money in room 3 and when he entered his new car with the horse on it and his woman + his bike the Sphynx screamed. You fool! It's enough now. He kicked him outside and the pedal was gone. 

29 August.. Somewhere in Spain an American has strange dreams.. Suddenly he is in the desert with the stranger. Tyler he said.. It's going to be your day and of in the desert he went..


This.. my readers.. is today's stage in a nutshell. Cavendish is beaten 2 times in a row. 

1. FARRAR Tyler GRM 05:03:36
3. CAVENDISH Mark THR 00:00:00
4. WEYLANDT Wouter QST 00:00:00
5. PETACCHI Alessandro LAM 00:00:00
6. CHAVANEL Sébastien FDJ 00:00:00
7. FÖRSTER Robert MRM 00:00:00
8. GALIMZYANOV Denis KAT 00:00:00
9. BOS Theo CTT 00:00:00
10. VAN AVERMAET Greg OLO 00:00:00


Where was Cavendish his team? Was it too heavy this season? Are they missing Hincapie yet? Chapeau to our new sprinter.. Farrar. It was an wonderful sprint. But can we get back to the mountains please? me <------ I don't like Sprints

See sprint

VaE Et. 5 (via CanalF10)


Oh.. And yeah.. You can find similarities with a particular story