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I [Heart] Rest Dayze

Because when you have Twitter, there's more to cycling than saying who is stronger than whom...

There's the weather, for example:

Hej God, Bas hier...luister is, die engelen van jou, kunnen die 2 uurtjes stoppen met urineren, wil graag trainen! Thanks! Love you man! @Bas_Stamsnijder

Translation: pipi of the angels not wanted here. There's time to smell the roses:

cruisin trough the ribeira del duero vineyards to madrid aeropuerto. Tranquilo this morning...  @laurenstendam

Some people take broken bones with more grace than, well, just about anybody. Heal up, dude. Then there's entertainment:

YEEEOOOWW! Just got tickets to U2 for 23 Sep in Brussels, seats just a few metres from the stage. Thanks #Proximus @mcewenrobbie

Angling for a slot on I Love the 80s? I kid, and Robbie will need distractions from the Melbourne scene that week. There is time for regrets:

Attacked on what I thought was the last climb of the wasn't and I paid... @christianmeier

OK, he didn't have the day off in Britain, but thanks all the same. There are side interests:

Got a new website coming in the next few days. Looking forward to going live with it soon! @Mark_Renshaw

I hear it's a cycling blogwatch blog. Be afraid. And then there's teh sandbagging.

If you're in CA on the 23rd of october come to the Just please try not to drop me. @tvangarderen88

Yah, now that you're no longer threatening to finish in the top ten of your first grand tour, I should assume you can't hold my wheel. Nice try buddy. Also, there's the usual professional-grade sandbagging in Penafiel, where Rodriguez and Nibali are taking turns casting doubt on their own chances. [Yawn.] Can we get back to racing now?