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What He Said: Vroomen on Women's Cycling

"First of all, women's racing is really fun. And it's a matter of respect. If I had my way, the UCI [cycling's international governing body] would order Pro Tour teams to have women's teams, and order Pro Tour races to hold a women's race. Problem solved. It really could be done at little cost with a couple of tweaks."

What he said. If the UCI really cared about promoting the sport, they would make this happen. C'mon UCI, it's 2010, whaddya waiting for, hmm?

This Vroomen quote comes from an article by Bonnie Ford at ESPN about the Garmin-Cervélo merger and the future of the women's team. Certainly, you should go read the full article. So go on, go! Read it now!

Update: Be sure to scroll on down to the comments. There's a pretty excellent suggestion from Creeping Tortoise in there about how men's teams could support women's cycling relatively painlessly. Like!