Conclusive proof that Podium Café helps cyclists win races!

We've suspected for a long time that professional cyclists who mention Podium Café get superb karma that helps them go on to win (at least on the women's side - although Peter Stetina is about to test the theory on the men's side) - and recently this effect has been more marked - so check below for the incontrovertible, conclusive, rigorously-scientifically -tested proof!   As a result, every coach and team manager should be advising riders to retweet our posts, mention the Café in their blogs, and most importantly, come along to talk to us.  Who needs endless early morning training rides in the rain?  THIS is the way to get that extra edge!

Exhibit A: Vera Koedooder

Vera had been doing really well in all the Dutch crits and day races, and was consistently good in the prestigious Dutch Topcompeititie series of races, although she hadn't won one of them yet this year.  Then she retweeted Monty's preview of the Omloop door Middag Humsterland and won the race, coming 3rd in the overall series!

Exhibit B: Vicki Whitelaw

Vicki was riding in the Trophée d'Or, the most invisible race of the year, and doing a stellar job of keeping us up to date on the race with her blog.  She referred to us obliquely (that's how we chose to read it, anyway) and later that very same day, won the ITT!

Exhibit C:  Emma Johansson

Emma went one better.  She linked to Monty's excellent Trophée d'Or preview on her blog.... and went on to win a stage AND the whole race.  A week later she came 2nd in the GP de Plouay, climbing from 3rd to 2nd place over all in the Road World Cup Series!

speaking of Plouay, it was won by

Exhibit D: Emma Pooley

Emma Pooley was just another Olympic silver medallist, who'd recently won La Flèche Wallonne when she was interviewed by Gavia.  This boosted her performance to such an extent that in the same week she won the 1.1 resgistered GP de Suisse ITT and the GP Elsy Jacobs day race - and then went on to win stage 7 and the overall Tour de l'Aude, one of the two 10-day women's stage races AND the Giro del Trentino that same month.  I'm pretty sure her win at Plouay was also due to this, as interviews must count for more than RTs and links, right?

You need more proof?  OK, from THIS VERY WEEK!

Exhibit E: Ina-Yoko Teutenberg

Poor Ina had only won 21 times this season, when she agreed to come on to the Café and take part in a live chat.  She was fabulous - and as a result she won the very next race she rode - Stage 1 of the Profile Ladies Tour - despite her own team saying she wasn't in very good form!

I've convinced you now, right?

The only possible conclusion to draw from this is that engaging with the Podium Café helps riders win - we've got 2 great Tours left this month, not counting HLT, which is still going on - and of course there's time for riders to gain the extra advantage before the Worlds!  Clearly, the thing to do is to get in touch with Gavia and beg her to interview them, or let them come on and do some live chattery....  and if they want success for 2011, there's plenty of time to prepare...