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Live Chat! Julian Kyer of Trek-Livestrong

Julian Kyer Trek-Livestrong


Welcome to our live chat with Julian Kyer of Trek-Livestrong. Julian will join us for the next hour to tell us all about life in stretchy pants. And bike racing, too. Kyer raced as an U23 for Trek-Livestrong this year, including trips to Cascade with new U.S. National Champion Ben King and to the Tour of Utah with U.S. National time trial champion Taylor Phinney. Kyer also raced track, and won the U23 national championship in the pursuit. So, ask him questions, he's here to answer. If Julian does not get to your question, don't be sad, you can pester him @juliankyer.

Regulars, remember to rec up Julian's answers so they glow that special green. Alien super powers right there. If you are new to the Cafe, please come on in and join the fun. You'll need to grab a username in order to ask questions. Don't worry, it won't hurt a bit.

Thanks to all for coming and enjoy!

Photo: Christopher See