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Quiznos Colorado Tour: Details Soon

Logo_1__mediumAt Interbike today the organizers of the Quiznos Pro Challenge held a press conference, apparently to say that they're close to announcing a route. So what was the purpose of the press conference? To announce the website and the logo (right). No hard feelings; if I were them I would take advantage of Interbike, with its assembled media (insert buffet joke) and freely roaming professional cyclists present and former. Out trotted Ryder Hesjedal, George Hincapie, and Phinney the Elder, since mini Phinney just landed in Oz. Davis should know a thing or two about this potential race, what with seven (not a typo) points competition titles at the old Coors Classic, missing out only in 1988 when he won the overall instead. Some takehome messages, via twitter and awesome people like Lyne (podiuminsight):

  • It's not the Tour of Colorado, it's the Quiznos Pro Challenge, which is quickly morphing into the QPC, to the horror of the Quiznos people.
  • The holdup on a route announcement has to do with the usual details of pinning down a stage race route in places where you haven't held the event before, which for a first year race is, um, everywhere. Look for details in a couple weeks, they say, which means early January if you apply the Road Cycling Logistics Multiplier (RCLM). No worries, really, the race isn't til August, and it's not like we're on the edge of our seats wondering if there will be mountains...
  • International TV coverage is supposedly in the works. Again, using the RCLM, we should know about the details in late July 2011. And again, it's not like I need advance notice to decide if I'm going to watch. A day or two will be fine, thanks.

Want more? No? Then definitely don't click here for Universal Sports' live internet video coverage.