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Worlds Recurring Warning

I'm going to mention this about once a day:

It's already tomorrow in Australia!

Seriously, we're all accustomed to dealing with time zone changes, but this week is ripe for some serious international dateline chicanery. I know for me the Worlds schedule always starts off on Wednesday and finishes on Sunday, this is etched on my brain. So I am in need for some corrective etching which tells me that if I want to watch Taylor Phinney go for the rainbow stripes in Wednesday's U23 Time Trial, I have to tune in Tuesday night. And Saturday is when the elite men's race is run, albeit at night. God forbid I should screw up that one. Hell, just to illustrate, right now it's 3 o'clock in the afternoon in Melbourne. On Monday. I haven't even put out the Sunday night garbage yet in Seattle. Don't get confused, don't miss a race. Start orienting yourself now.