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Worlds odds and ends

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Ted King is one of the more interesting guys to read this week, but he also joins the legion of riders and writers who have said something to the effect of "everyone says the course is flat but it's not." The riders are forgiven, it's a throwaway line of no great import, but the writers should be taking note of the conversation better. And there, my only point is, how many posts and articles and youtube clips does it take before "everyone" is no longer wrong?...

Another oddity... Alessandro Ballan isn't at the Worlds. I know, he hasn't had much of a season, and Italy are just fine with Pozzato and Paolini up front. But what the hell was Mario Cipollini doing calling out Bettini for bringing an old, fan-pleasing team when he left off one of the most obvious names you can think of? And on top of that it's a Flanders-ish course, by some calculations, knitting together Ballan's two biggest moments. How is Bettini acting conventionally?? Oh, right, by not stroking Cipo's ego and suggesting that Cipo-style sprinters are best suited to the race....

I would never question Robbie McEwen's Aussie translation abilities, so I will assume it is in fact "jeh-LONG" and not "GHEE-long" or "JEE-long." I also assume I am in way over my head here so...

OK, that's it for the moment. Oh, and let me know if the login problems persist. SBN says they found the bug yesterday and things seem to be working on my end, FWIW.

[Update] Bjorn Leukemans left some skin on the road today in a minor mishap. He's worried about a bruise, will know more in a day or two. Picture here.

Oh and chapeau to Big-Sy, a longtime member but whose first-ever comment was a personal recon of the Geelong loop. More personal stories, pics, videos please!