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Contador Positive... Second Thread

Blood_mediumBecause the first one is pretty bloated. It sounds like we'll be off in speculation world for a while until this gets sorted out. I'll grandstand for a second on one minor point: how the hell can WADA have zero threshold for any substance? Sorry, but the modern world is awash in chemicals, mostly undetectable ones that almost nobody knows anything about. Personally I have some major problems with this state of affairs, but setting that aside, this is our state of affairs. To me, and seemingly most of us, the basic fact that he had 40 or 50 picagrams of a substance in his body on one day is a non-story (as opposed to, say, is this evidence of a blood transfusion), and yet the 50 picagrams is what the UCI and WADA have sworn to punish. If he took a transfusion, then that needs to be proven in some credible way before we kick the guy to the curb. If Contador gets suspended for just the presence of the clen, then we'll just be stuck with two years of unsolvable arguments about whether justice was served, or what justice even is.

OK, carry on.