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Live Chat! Peter Stetina of Garmin-Transitions


Come on in and join the fun! Peter Stetina of Garmin-Transitions will be here on the site from 2.00-3.00pm Cali time. He'll answer as many questions as he can type. If he doesn't get to your question, don't be sad. You can always find him later @peterstetina.

Peter Stetina Garmin-Transitions By Christopher SeeIf you aren't familiar with Stetina's career, he is racing his first full season with Garmin-Transitions after a successful run in the U23 ranks. He twice won the U.S. National Championship in the time trial and wore the leader's jersey at the Tour de l'Avenir. Pete comes from a bike racing family, and both his father and uncle won the Coors Classic and count several national championships between them.

Remember that these chats work best if we pace our questions. If there are several unanswered questions stacked up, sit back, relax, and wait for Pete to catch up. Also, regulars please hit the rec button on Pete's answers so that they glow that special alien green. If the thread becomes slow and unwieldy for you as it grows, refresh that bad boy up. It should run better after the refresh.

First-timers, welcome! If you'd like to join the convo, head over to the SBN sign-up page and get yourself a username. You will need a valid email address - be sure to watch for the email from SBN which will complete the reg process. Sometimes it goes to Spam. Bad spam!

Thanks to Pete for joining us!

Photo: Christopher See.