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Helen Wyman crayons the British 'Cross Nationals!

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We love crayon, right?  Well, this weekend was the one where a lot of countries held their CycloCross National Championships - and Helen Wyman, who has previously credited Podium Café for her awesome Koppenberg win, was so inspired by winning the British National Cyclocross Championship, that only digital crayons could express her emotions.  So here, just for us, are her impressions of the race - and what the National Champs jersey should look like!

Here's the race - more below the jump!


Crossing the line - with Marge Simpson in the crowd (apparently she was really there)


Now, you may have noticed that some British Café-ites bemoan the fact that the GB national jersey is a little bit too, erm, subdued...  It's surprising, because when Team GB hit the road and track, their strip is satisfyingly hideous.  So, given that Helen, when she's not in the National Champs strip (and that's not often - this is her 6th win in a row) wears the marvellously eye-bleed-inducing strip of Kona, I wondered if she could come up with something more, well, insane.  Of course she could!  Who wants to join me in lobbying British Cycling to adopt this for 2011?


Wouldn't that be great?

If you want to read something more sensible about Helen's win, you can check out her website, or the British Cycling race report (they also have photo galleries and video interviews, including with Helen).  Massive thanks as always to Helen!

I possibly don't need to add this, but pictures by, courtesy of, used with permission of & 100% owned by Helen Wyman at