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Fashion Alert! The Shack Kit and the Twit

Now with new sponsor! Yes, it appears that Twitter has signed on to sponsor the Shack this season. No word yet on the details of the deal, but you can see the Twitter logo on the 2011 kit announced today. According to @Velocentric, Armstrong has a business connection to Twitter investor Jim Stowers. Which might explain the decision to sponsor the team. Or, might not.

But really, we have more important things to do than worry about boring old investors. We have a eye-spinning viddy to watch and a kit to critique. Really, I only had the espresso. I didn't take any of the blue things off the tray. But maybe I did? Because that video made me a little dizzy? The kit is very... white. It has white. And some more white. And some red. At least, that's the best I could tell between the flashing lights. If I wanted to go clubbing, I'd go clubbing. Not sit here on my couch looking at cycling kits. Hey, RadioShack, next time, think about my needs, would ya?