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World Cup CX Pontchateau

Sunday, 16 January: Pontchâteau - World Cup

The second to last World Cup race and the first World Cup race of 2011 is in Pontchâteau, France. I don't know know much about the course, but I'm assuming it'll be on the same parcours as the 2004 World Championships (won by Bart Wellens). That assumption may very well be wrong. It doesn't look too demanding, with fairly long stretches and something that looks like a cross (pun not intended) between bunnyhopping beams and a staircase.

I still don't know much about this course, and I'm a bit under the weather atm so research is limited. What do I know? With two weeks to go until the World Champs, the crossers' form should be reaching its peak. Zdenek Stybar decided not to go, as his WC ranking is shot and the journey from Belgium to the south of France was deemed too long. Nys is there, and he has a point to prove after his national championship debacle. He'll be in his normal green Landbouwkrediet-kit from now on, because the Belgian jersey is in the hands - and around the shoulders - of Niels Albert. Not that he'll be wearing it, because he's currently leading the world cup and will thus be in all white.

1. Niels Albert 420
2. Sven Nys 354
3. Kevin Pauwels 349
4. Bart Wellens 294
5. Bart Aernouts 293
6. Francis Mourey (Fra) 290
7. Gerben de Knegt (Ned) 270
8. Klaas Vantornout 264
9. Philipp Walsleben (Dui) 234
10. Zdenek Stybar (Tsj) 230

The race will be live on Sporza starting at 15h CET, which is an hour and a half from now. Coverage starts 30min earlier.