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Angel Vicioso: From Peloton to...Priesthood

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Going through my Facebook news feed, Niko Eeeckhout posted an interesting article from that got my attention. Angel Vicioso, who has ridden for Kelme, ONCE, Liberty Seguros, Relax-Gam, La-MSS and Andalucia Cajasur, is promptly retiring from the peloton and heading to the church. He was signed up to ride for Androni for this coming year but it seems that is out of the picture now.

Here is the original story. He had some good results, nothing spectacular by any means but a solid career with stage wins in Catalunya, Pais Vasco and Suisse along with a 2nd place overall in PV in 2006 along with a smattering of smaller results. Seeing as he rode for some very dirty organizations and DSes over his career (along with being implicated in Operation Puerto though later cleared), it seems ironic to me that he is going into the priesthood. Good luck to him turning over a new leaf  though.

Update: It's December Fool's Day! And the world wide media fell for the hoax. Well done Spain :D