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U.S. Crosser Sue Butler Raising Money for Worlds Trip

And you can help!

Sue Butler received selection from USA Cycling to compete at cyclocross Worlds in Germany this year. There's just one problem. She needs to get there, and she needs to cover the $1000 fee that USA Cycling requires of riders going to Worlds. And no, I don't actually know what that fee covers. Sue's sponsors have kicked in a bunch of fabulous shwag and she is selling raffle tickets. Buy one, buy many, help Sue, maybe win something awesome. Simple!

Note! You can't Paypal for raffle tickets. If you want to buy a ticket contact Sue on her Facebook page.

Also, Jeff Ernst over at Ciclirati is contributing to the effort. He's not stoked on the inequality in women's cycling. Jeff will donate $4 for every pound of coffee sold through his site between now and the end of month. Coffee is good. Supporting women's racing is good. Do it up!