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CycloCross World Championships 2011 - Sankt-Wendel - Women's Race................. LIVE!!!

Sunday 30th January, 11:00 CET, 10:00 GMT, 05:00 EST, 02:00 PST, Sun 19:30 Australian Central

Yesterday we saw the juniors and the u23s race, today it's the turn of the elite.  We start off with the women - and if the course is anything like the juniors yesterday, it will be frozen ruts that our intrepid riders face. 

You can watch this one live from 10:45 CET.  If you have real tv that can find them,  Sporza, CT4 (Czech), Omroep Brabant (Netherlands) and SR (Germany) are showing it - if not, you can watch it online at SR or Omroep Brabant, who deserve the view-counts for showing it to us - if something goes wrong with them, ProCycling, BVLS and CyclingFans will help out....  USAians - apparently Universal are showing something this weekend, so if you have access, check that too.  Full UCI coverage guide here.

tgsgirl and I wrote some handy guides to the race, on the course and on who to watch out for, so I won't repeat us here (if you haven't read it already, check out the Patrick Safety Jogger ratings (rating schema invented by gs!). As ever, if you're a Cross newbie, or just get easily confused, ask any questions at all in the thread, and some kind Café person will answer them for you!

I'll just leave you with a Crazy Camera Guy's view of what it's like to actually ride the course....