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What We Learned

2010 Tour de France winner Alberto Contador receives one year sanction for dopingWelcome to our new Monday feature. Feel like you missed something huge last week? Been asleep in a cave? Not up to date on all the happs? We are so totally on your team.

Last week:

We learned never to trust 'becco-knife wielding Swedes during VDS season.

Also, you should go pick your teams now.

Lampre has very bright pink kits, and while their ship may still be tilty, they did win their first Italian race of the season.

Sometimes rumors turn out to be right.

Contador is innocent and the rules are wrong. Also, the UCI called us inappropriate. That stung.

Flinstones vitamins, breakfast of champions.

We have new World Champions! Marianne Vos adds a fourth World cyclocross title to her collection, while Zdenek Stybar won the men's race. The fainting couch was urgently needed in London.