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Coming This Week: Podium Cafe and Jonathan Vaughters!

Jonathan VaughtersBefore Christmas we ran a snippet from the combined interview that Gavia and I conducted with Slipstream Sports honcho and Team Garmin-Cervelo owner Jonathan Vaughters. It was pretty lengthy, covered a ton of ground, and has now been transcribed and prepped for publication. So, look for four different entries Monday through Thursday of this week, each one a chunk of the interview relating to a specific topic.

There's a practical side to splitting it up this way, but we also thought it would make for the best discussion. Vaughters is a great conversationalist, friendly, open and opinionated. We spent part of the time talking about his team, but this won't be a four-day Garmin-fest. We also talked in depth about the sport of cycling, unspecific to Garmin-Cervelo, stuff that should make for some excellent off-season chat. I'll add, Vaughters reads the site, so if the chat gets as interesting as it usually does, he'll at least know about it and who knows, maybe he'll be tempted to respond. Then again, I hear he's pretty busy these days...

Anyway, Gavia and I hope you enjoy it. Stay tuned!

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