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CX Belgium national championship - 15h CET

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To absolutely no one's surprise, Zdenek Stybar yesterday got his fifth national title in a row. Radomir Simunek is still out with a broken collarbone after getting a little too friendly with a barrier, and Zlamalek never managed to even challenge Styby. So it's blue, white and red once again for Albertina's future husband.

There should be a bit more suspense at the Belgian national championships though, with Niels Albert claiming he'd rather have the tricolore than the world championship jersey, with Sven Nys going for his eighth national elite title, with Tom Meeusen and Kevin Pauwels hoping to step up a level and, who knows, with one of the Sunweb guys actually trying to win something. The favourite, according to Bart Wellens? Philippe Gilbert, if only he'd enter.

Apparently the parcours isn't too hard.

That was before it rained and rained and rained for the last few days though, and latest reports are that the ground on the beaches of Antwerp's Schelde river have muddied up. A race on the beaches of Antwerp's Schelde river? If that rings a bell, you're becoming a CX expert, because yes, this race is in the same location as The Scheldecross race. A few adjustments were made - they're going in the opposite direction, mostly, and a few extra loops were added to give all the spectators enough room - but this year's winner should feel at home. If he weren't Czech. And injured.


Sorry Radomir.
Sven VT was second, Bartje Aernouts third.

So, about the race. If you speak Dutch or are great at pretending you do, then Kevin Pauwels' kick-ass Crossview file or the race website will surely help.


There's beach sand which has become a bit muddy, a few hills, a bridge (I think) and some u-corners but all in all, it's not the most technical race out there.

Pictures are here.

Previous ten years:

Gold Silver Bronze
2010 Sven Nijs Klaas Vantornout Tom Meeusen
2009 Sven Nijs Niels Albert Kevin Pauwels
2008 Sven Nijs Bart Wellens Niels Albert
2007 Bart Wellens Klaas Vantornout Sven Nijs
2006 Sven Nijs Erwin Vervecken Bart Wellens
2005 Sven Nijs Tom Vannoppen Ben Berden
2004 Bart Wellens Mario De Clercq Sven Nijs
2003 Sven Nijs Ben Berden Bart Wellens
2002 Mario De Clercq Erwin Vervecken Sven Vanthourenhout
2001 Mario De Clercq Erwin Vervecken Bart Wellens
2000 Sven Nijs Erwin Vervecken Mario De Clercq


The race won't be seen on VT4, nor on Sporza, but on yet another Belgian channel called 2BE, which will infuriate me to no end. Don't say I didn't warn you.

The champs table - Powered by Pigeons

Belgium Sanne Cant Joeri Adams
Czech Rep Zdenek Stybar /
Netherlands Marianne Vos Lars van der Haar
France Caroline Mani Matthieu Boulo
Germany Hanka Kupfernagel Ole Quast
Italy Marco Aurelio Fontana Vania Rossi
Spain Ruiz de Larrinaga Aida Nuño Jon Ander Insausti Irastorza
Great Britain Helen Wyman
Switzerland Arnaud Grand Lars Forster

Scheldecross pic via
Parcours via