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Interbike Ambush: Darn Tough Vermont!

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I love this segment. In part because it is officially socks weather in Seattle. Like, durable wool socks weather. I also enjoyed talking to these guys as a different kind of Interbike attendee -- the newcomer. Darn Tough Vermont have been in the sock business for three decades, catering to the slushy, crusty, muddy misery that is nine months of the Green Mountain State's year. Trust me, I know. I've cleaned enough ski bindings that look like the underside of my Cross bike. 

Anyway, what makes them unique to the Interbike experience is that they're the company who most of the attendees don't know yet. Sure, their socks are at REI and other retailers nationwide, but the sock business is a small and crowded niche in the bike world. DTV are coming from the hiking world (primarily) looking to make a splash in cycling. And they're relying on Interbike (as well as their high-quality products) to muscle their way onto the scene.

Here's their head honcho Mark Comcowich, explaining what the company, their products, and their Interbike experience is all about:

I've got a couple pairs of DTV socks and they feel great, perfect for Seattle slop and Cross season. Of course, the real test will be whether they are still springy and intact a year from now, though aside from the usual danger of my kids leaving sharp objects around for me to step on, I like their chances. Darn Tough, check em out.