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Dear Will...What did we do wrong?

An open letter to our dear DS, from the Lady Marmottes.


 (Note: this letter is from actual Lady Marmottes, and is not meant to reflect the training regimen of any of the awesome real-life human cyclists unfortunately chosen by Willj to form his VDS-w team...which was severely trounced in this year's competition.)

We are so sorry for failing you this season, but we don't understand where we went wrong. We took all of your advice, even when it didn't make sense. Like riding for six hours a day:


We tried very hard to eat a diet rich in carbs:


And in general followed your dictates even when we REALLY didn't want to:


Then you told us maybe we should seek out Tour de France riders, and do what they did...


That didn't help, either, so we went straight to the top:


It seemed like nothing we did helped us win you points. So please, Will--we're so down-hearted right now. Please, please, tell us what we did wrong, so we won't fail you again.


Your very devoted,

Team Lady Marmottes