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Win William Fotheringham's Cyclopedia!!!

CyclopediaTo mark the US publication of William Fotheringham's Cyclopedia, Podium Cafe has teamed up with the US publishers, Chicago Review Press, to give you a chance to win your own copy of a very cool cycling book.

If you missed the book on its UK publication (Vintage/Yellow Jersey Press) last year, you'll find our review of the book here. You'll no doubt already know that Cyclopedia is a compendium of cycling facts, factoids and trivia, put together by the Guardian's chief cycling correspondent.

So, what do you have to do to get your mits on a free copy?

With the cycling season drawing to a close and the Giro di Lombardia taking place at the weekend, we've plumped for a Lombarda-themed competition. All you have to do is tell us who is going to win the race of the fallng leaves. Couldn't be easier, could it?

As a tie-breaker, you'll need to tell us who other the two podium-fillers will be. If you can't already rattle off the race's roster off the top of your head, check out SteepHill.TV

You've two chances to enter this competition:

1) stick your pick and the podium-fillers in the big white box at the bottom of the page. (Not registered to comment? Rectify that here.);

2) Tweet us your entry, using the hash-tag #PdCCyclopediaComp eg

@PodiumCafe Dan Martin,  Phil Gilbert, Dan DiLucky  #PdCCyclopediaComp

You can double your chances of winning and hedge your bets by entering via the comments section below and via Twitter - both entries count. Podium Café's special statto section will be collating all the entries across the site and Twitter before picking the winner. So please, make sure you use the #PdCCyclopediaComp hash-tag on your Twitter entry or it won't count.

If multiple entries have the same name, the prize will go to the one with the corect podium-fillers. If no one gets it right, all entries go into Serendipity's hat. Don't make me reach for the hat.

The usual rules apply, especially the one about the judges' decision being final. We do not rewrite history around here. History is what actually happened, not what should have happened.

Check back early next week to see if you've won.

* * * * *

Our thanks to Chicago Review Press and the people at Independent Publishers Group.