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Kalmthout cross... LIVE

One week before the first cx race an old friend is visiting our screens: the Kalmthout cross was part of the world cup for eight years before the UCI said "adios, goodbye, we don't need you anymore". Namur took up Kalmthout's place which is ok because Namur is a kick-ass race, but Kalmthout didn't just give up. They're not part of any of the series anymore, but it's live on tv and all the bigs (except for Styby who busted his knee) are there, so who cares.

Most of the race is in the forest and there are four hills, and you can check out the pdf map here, if you want to.

The race will be shown on, which should mean a legal online stream for you foreign folks. TV coverage starts at 17h CET, the race begins half an hour later I think.