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2011 In Review: What Was the Best Day of Men's Racing?

Crawling slowly and inexorably toward announcing our 2011 Podium Cafe Awards, today we turn to the subject of best moment of the year. Most of you know the drill, but it goes like this: nominate your best day of racing from the 2011 season (men's side). Since comparing stage races to single-day events is apples and oranges, the drill is to pick one moment, one day, and if it's the Tour, one stage that really got your blood going like nothing else this season. Use this thread for nominations, making your case for what you see as the best day; next week we'll put em to a vote.

I'll toss out a few items, for openers. The two big Alps days of the Tour de France have to get some consideration. In my mind, the size of the stage is a factor, but more the style of racing, the long, desperate, risky attacks by Schleck and Contador, and the unfathomable determination of Cadel Evans, were truly magnificent to behold. On the classics side, Flanders was a shocker and full of intrigue. The Omloop was perhaps the most fun. Liege-Bastogne-Liege truly historic.

In other words, there is plenty to choose from. Let's hear your side.