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2011 in Review: Best Moment women's racing

This is the part where it gets tricky...

Picking the nominees for best day of racing. Now for men's racing we have a gazillion races that we all watched and enjoyed, from shit small races in January to monuments in October. Women's races? Not so much. If you were lucky maybe you saw two or three races all season? We got to see the Worlds races of course and Plouay came on after much screaming at the computer, the highlight-shows of theTrofeo Alfredo Binda and GiroDonne were brilliant as usual. But all in all, unless we enjoyed a race because of some terrific race reports from Pigeons or Monty or some extra special tweets, we really don't have much of a selection to base our judgement on. Maybe Düsters desperate fight to stay away at the Tour of Flanders, followed by her teammates winning counterattack was the highlight of the year? Or how about the three best VDS riders of the year battling on the Mur de Huy was? 

What I'm saying here is my candidate for best moment is that day in December(?) when the UCI announce that they are going to make a serious push to bring us live images of the big women's races. I'm not holding my breath but it would be a wonderful and much needed initiative. 
On the road I simply cannot look past the finale of Plouay where Marianne Vos completely rides herself to the ground to set up Van Vleuten's race-winning attack so that's my nominee. If it had been Jens Voigt or Fabian Cancellara doing something similar it would have been the basis for stories we would tell the grandkids.

For some video of the big races to help you pick a favorite there is aways the World Cup Highlights: Binda/Flanders ,  Drenthe/Fléche , Chongming/Valladolid , Vårgårda/Plouay and the GiroDonne highlights