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2011 in Review: Vote for Men's Team of the Year!

First off, Congratulations to Philippe Gilbert, our 2011 Men's Rider of the Year! Philippe garnered100% of the vote en route to his 20th significant victory of the year (18 on the road, Flandrien of the Year, and now this). Chapeau!

OK, now on to the next category. Last week I queried you guys on your nominees for Men's Team of the Year, all of which are listed on the poll posted on the flip. Now it's time to vote. You can certainly chat about your reasonings here, but I would refer any undecided voters to last week's post for a full voter's guide. Polls will stay open til Friday Noon Pacific. Just show your voter ID card and W-2 or evidence of real property head to the flip and vote!

Who was your 2011 Men's Team of the Year?