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Interbike Ambush: Full Speed Ahead!


Continuing with our series on (my) trying to portray what Interbike is and why it matters, thru the eyes of a selection of participants, today brings us to Full Speed Ahead, better known as FSA, makers of various components and wheels for all types of bikes. FSA is not among the very largest companies like Campy or Shimano, whose need to attend is more image than "getting the word out." But they're hardly small. If FSA added up all the UCI points won on their products they could probably secure a 2012 World Tour license. So that said they belong at the big show... but they also have an interest in getting out the word on their latest innovations, and in talking face-to-face with customers. Selling bicycle components is a tough business, and it's the medium-sized guys like FSA -- bigger than the boutiques, smaller than the behemoths -- who have to fight hardest.

With me today is Ron Correa, from FSA's Product Development team in Mukilteo, Washington (!):

Stay tuned for more Interbike Ambushes!