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Friday is the New... Friday?

Gav_medium Hello there. And how are we this fine Friday? Yes, well, I thought so. How about a little random news for your Friday?

In a bizarre postscript to the doping case that engulfed Floyd Landis and the 2006 Tour de France, Landis received a one-year suspended jail sentence for his role in hacking the computers at the Chatenay-Malabry lab. As you may recall, Chatenay-Malabry figured as a villain in the case, according to Landis, after technicians found evidence of exogenous testosterone in his urine sample at the Tour.

The case took a strange turn when French investigators accused Landis and his advisor Arnie Baker of hacking the lab's computer systems. The judge in Nanterre found Landis and Baker guilty of the charge and sentenced the former rider to a one year suspended jail sentence and imposed a €75,000 fine. The suspended sentence is common in French courts for jail terms less than one year. Really, this whole story reads like a poorly written spy novel. Or something.

Over at the Boulder Report, meanwhile, Joe Lindsey passes along the tidbit by way of CyclingNews by way of Got that? Right. Anyway, according to all these people there never was a bonus clause in Hushovd's contract with Garmin-Cervélo. Which means that Vaughters did not cheat him or do anything nefarious in relation to Hushovd's contract and the World Championship title he won after signing with the team. Lindsey also has a thing or two to say aobut that Paris-Roubaix thing. But really, I think we all know what we think about that, don't we? Well, okay, I do. Yo! Thor! Quit your yapping! Team sport, remember? Right. Moving along...

I'm still trying to figure out Euskaltel-Euskadi rider Romain Sicard wanted with an orange traffic cone. Maybe we need a contest? Top ten reasons to steal an orange traffic cone. I'd start, but I just don't even know what.

The annual Amstel Curaçao Race was last week. Peter Sagan apparently went scuba diving. Really, does anyone anything but ridiculous with a dive mask on? I'm going to go ahead and say no. Definitely needs more dolphin.

From the not-yet-announced but almost certain to happen files, Alejandro Valverde will ride for Movistar next year. Alejandro... who? Official announcement is apparently coming next week. I promise I'll pretend to be surprised.

Okay, that's all I got for today. I would not want to spoil you too much. Gluttony, you know, it's one of the sins. So go on, go outside and ride your bikes or something.