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Do a little dance: Hamme-Zogge cx... LIVE

  1. Form two lines parallel to each other and about four feet apart. Men stand in one line; women in the other.
  2. Step forward with your left foot.
  3. Raise your right foot while moving forward and bring that foot to the floor. The men can stomp more vigorously than the women.
  4. Continue to step forward in this way--left foot, right foot higher, stomp to floor. This way you move in a square pattern around the sides of the room or area in which you're dancing.
  5. During one measure of the song, and while moving forward, face to the right. During the next measure, face to the left. A zigzagging pattern is formed as you continue on in this manner.
  6. Between measures, dancers can stop and twirl in imitation of the wind, which is showing the promise of rain. The women may chant or sing the song that's playing, and the men can yelp with the beat.

Congratulations! You just performed a raindance.
I bloody well hope it works.

Because damnit, this race was so much fun last year. Do you remember? Belgium had some of the worst flooding in years. Roads were flooded, houses were flooded, riders were knee-deep in mud. It was awesome.


Watch! Awesome.

Today though, it's dry.

Still, even dry 'cross is still 'cross, so let's not despair too much.

Sunday 13 November: Hamme-Zogge (Superprestige)

Hamme-Zogge may be better known as the Bollekescross, and Bolleke may be better known as beer. Which gives us awesome victory pictures. I can tell you that there are three bridges (hurrah), one staircase (hurrah) and a sand pit (hurrah!). The parcours loops around, over and under itself, so it'll be lots of twisting and turning. Last year it rained so much that the entire country flooded and the race was basically a swimming pool. Which was really very cool.

Starttime: women 10h45, men 15h
Last three winners elite men: Sven Nys (2010), Zdenek Stybar (2009) and Sven Nys (2008)


Hamme-Zogge is part of the Superprestige series, of which we've had two races so far: Ruddervoorde (won by Niels Albert) and Zonhoven (won by Niels Albert). Guess who's leading the Superprestige ranking then?

1. Niels Albert 30
2. Sven Nys 26
3. Klaas Vantornout 23
4. Bart Aernouts 22
5. Bart Wellens 22
6. Zdenek Stybar (Tsj) 22
7. Tom Meeusen 18
8. Kevin Pauwels 16
9. Dieter Vanthourenhout 11
10. Sven Vanthourenhout 8

The Superprestige points distribution is as easy as pie: 15 for the winner, 14 for second, 13 for third... all they way to 1 point for the guy in 15th.

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