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Asper-Gavere CX... LIVE

Good news: rain is coming.
Bad news: you'll likely have to wait another week for it.
Good news: muddy Koksijde!
Bad news: dry Asper-Gavere.

You can't have it all.

Sunday 20 November: Asper-Gavere (Superprestige)

There's a fair bit of asphalt, which is not to my liking. In the field and in the forest though, it's up and down with fast and technical descents, difficult climbs and lots of jumping off and on the bike, which makes up for some.

Starttime: women 10h45, men 15h
Last three winners elite men: Sven Nys (2010), Niels Albert (2009) and Sven Nys (2008)

Livestreams at the site formerly known as BVLS, Cyclingfans and the official Superprestige site.

Current Superprestige ranking


1 Albert Niels BKP 42 Ptn
2 Nys Sven LAN 39 Ptn
3 Stybar Zdenek QST 37 Ptn
4 Aernouts Bart RABOFFROAD 32 Ptn
5 Wellens Bart FID 31 Ptn
6 Pauwels Kevin SUN 30 Ptn
7 Meeusen Tom FID 25 Ptn
8 Vantornout Klaas SUN 23 Ptn
9 Simunek Radomir BKP 18 Ptn
10 Vanthourenhout Dieter BKP 17 Ptn
11 Vanthourenhout Sven LAN 12 Ptn
12 Baestaens Vincent LAN 10 Ptn
13 Gil Mariusz BABOCO 8 Ptn
14 van Amerongen Thijs EZCBAAD 7 Ptn
14 Chainel Steve FDJ 7 Ptn
14 Peeters Rob FID 7 Ptn
17 Aernouts Jim SUN 5 Ptn
18 de Knegt Gerben RABOFFROAD 4 Ptn
19 Adams Joeri FID 2 Ptn
19 Wubben Niels RABOFFROAD 2 Ptn
21 Huenders Mitchell CJP 1 Ptn
21 Van Compernolle Kenneth EZCBSEC 1 Ptn