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The Contador Case Starts Today

The Court of Arbitration of Sport will begin hearing the Contador case today. As you know, the court will hear the appeal by the UCI and WADA of the decision of the Spanish Federation not to sanction Contador for his positive test for Clenbuterol.

How are you planning to celebrate this momentous occasion?

a) Funny hat.
b) Beers, several.
c) What Contador case?
d) Eat a large, rare steak.
e) Not planning to celebrate. (Party pooper!)

While we wait for the news to trickle out from the hearing, Bonnie Ford at ESPN has a nice overview of the Contador case issues.

Also, L'Equipe got busy and made a Contador case timeline. Which, feels like homework from junior high school history class. But I don't know, maybe you'll find it useful and informative or something.

Since it's Monday, I will start with a Macchiato. Then, perhaps move on to other celebratory libations. Because I would not want to be a party-pooper. Also, I have no funny hats. Only very serious hats. So, there's that.