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Fun With Google Streetview

h/t Superted, via Sporza... this is just too awesome not to put on the front page. Look who shows up in Google Streetview:


Oh, just some random people. Including the Belgian cycling champion and most famous person in Flanders, Tom Boonen. Could this possibly be random, or will Google Streetview in Belgium consist of cycling fan pics? Will the Koppenberg pictures be taken from race photos? Will the image of Peter Van Petegem's B&B show him saddling up in the driveway? 

Assuming this is somewhat random, what are some equivalent "coincidences"? The best I can come up with for Seattle is Bill Gates showing up in a Google Streetview image from downtown Redmond, maybe walking in to his favorite sandwich shop. How about in your town? Who do YOU want to see in Google Streetview?