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Kathleen Billington to Vanderkitten-Focus!

Today's news, from my inbox:

Kathleen Billington is the latest addition to the 2012 Vanderkitten-Focus roster. The North Carolina Utica, NY native, now living in Connecticut has been a mainstay on the NRC circuit for over half a decade. A punchy lightweight climber, Kathleen has featured in the top 20 of GC in NRC Stage races for the last five years, including at Fitchsburg and Nature Valley GP, as well as running top 10 in the national Championships the last two years running- including 4th in 2011.

Her international resume is also impressive, with top 10 finishes at the Vuelta el Salvador, Tour of the Bahamas and impressive rides at the Tour du Montreal testament to her abilities as a crafted roleur on the harder days.

Kathleen was left without a team at the end of the 2011 season, basically on the back of her phenomenal National Championship result, but Vanderkitten-Focus has stepped up and added the East Coast stalwart to their ranks.

Ongoing negotiations between Greg Wolf (Kathleen's husband and Director of Danbury Audi) and Jono Coulter will see not only Kathleen in Vanderkitten-Focus colors, but also incorporate a significant boost to the infrastructure of the Vanderkitten Athletics program.

Excellent pickup for Vanderkitten-Focus!