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CX Weekend: Welcome to Not Belgium!

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Time to get muddy?? OK, probably not... but the scene moves to Igorre, Spain for a world cup race Sunday, and apparently there has been at least a little rain, including today. So we can hope. Here's tgsgirl's take:

Out of Belgium for this, to normally sunny Spain. Why should you watch? Well, in true Spanish fashion they hand out funky pancake-like hats. Also in true Spanish fashion, the TV director will infuriate you by missing all the decisive moves. It's a typical field race (that's not an absolute given in cross), which is that much harder if it's muddy (which it usually is). Not too many special tricks - no houses in the middle of the road and all that.

Pancake hats? You don't say... lemme see... it's "Ziklokross Igorre" and if it's got funky spellings, it can only be... Basque! Yay! So rain or shine, look for an enthusiastic audience.

Kevin Pauwels has a slim five point lead on Sven Nys after last weekend's double helping of shut the * up, and with Niels Albert out and Zdenek Stybar hitting the reset button, look for a two-man duel at the front, the result of which is a coin flip from the perspective of the whole season... but after the Hulking of last weekend smart money is on the old man. If it's dry, though, switch your bets to K-Pow. Or maybe the field -- a UCI event outside of Belgium is likely to draw an interesting crowd. Too bad there's no startlist posted. No women's race (boo!) and the men's coverage starts 90 minutes early (BOO!). Looks like it's last lap replays for me.

OK, now go and do a mud dance. Here's a picture to inspire you.